Leon G.

“I'd used Clarks's for almost twenty years, but didn't get what I wanted in Rio Vista back then.

Over the past nine years we've been overrun by ants, wasps and the field mice from Hell. Forget Mickey Mouse, these guys wanted to take over the whole garage. They got in through a tiny crevice under a door sill. I used over thirty hardware store traps before getting Baker Pest Control involved. No more problems for the past two years. 🙂

Every problem was taken care of without any fuss.They're dependable and affordable and worth every Cent."

Iron M.

“What a bunch of professionals! Yesterday I spoke with Scott and informed him of my wasp problem, and that I would like Baker to come out and help me with this issue. Scott was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. He didn't hesitate to give me the quote that I asked for over the phone, which not too many places seem to want to do. He was also helpful in ensuring that a representative from Baker came out to my home the very next day. When Jim arrived, he was all business! I explained exactly what the issues were and he got to work. Let me tell you, that powerful stream of solution that he used is an amazing sight to see. He's not walking around with some canned spray that only spouts out a little bit of liquid drizzle, but using what appears to be a compressor system from his truck that looked to be very powerful!!! He sprayed enough to where I shouldn't see any spiders for a long time. Now for the wasps, he looked around and did not find any nests. It appeared that my neighbors house had wasp nests in the awnings of his house, so I'm relieved that we didn't have any wasps but I'm also ecstatic that Baker came out and took the necessary preventative measures to ensure that I shouldn't see any creepy crawley's ever, especially since they come every other month. I am very pleased with my experience and I highly recommend Scott, Jim, and the Baker team!"